Past and future releases

Square's security engineering team maintains Subzero. Our recommendation is to use the master branch, which we keep in a stable state. If you would like the peace of mind of using a version of Subzero which corresponds to Square's internal release, you can refer to the table below.

Each internal release upgrades dependencies as well as fixes issues. Given the project's offline nature, each release takes considerable amount of engineering and project management time. As a result, we prefer to perform no more than 1 release per quarter and at least one release every year.

Backwards compatibility

Releases are usually backwards compatible but there is no such guarantee. The easiest way to resolve backwards compatibility issues is to create a fresh wallet with the newer software and use the older version to transfer funds.

Change log

We do not maintain a change log. The commit log contains, hopefully, clear and palpable commit messages.


Date Comment
2021Q2 (v1.0.0) d051983f5d9f400771f175b0db1fc6a362992d75
2020Q1 68a7b51bcc128c831abc13758bd6501ce6ee0efe
2019Q1 f6bf788e098bab1cb816152f4fcc4950af9937bb
2018Q4 Code open sourced
2018Q3 n/a
2018Q2 n/a